Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day Ten

I actually managed to get in a couple of pages yesterday! Yey me. I came in early to work to get a little pre-job writing done, so this blog will be brief. Today's picks (again with the two songs) are songs that I used last week to get me into 'battle mode.' My hero and heroine faced off for the first time with the big ugly - as I called it in my head - and managed to squeak out a win. Will they be able to get reinforcements before big ugly comes back? Duh duh duh.

Ahem. Sorry. The first song is from an interesting band that infuses heavy metal with classical music. I have to say, great idea. The band is called Apocolyptica, and the song I chose is Bittersweet. For the record, though, I haven't heard a song of theirs yet that doesn't inspire me to write a good fight or battle scene.

The second song is a little more classical. Or a lot more classical. It is Chopin. In a nod to my sister, she made me fall in love with this song a long time ago (when we first saw The Secret Garden). It is Nocturne for Piano in E minor, Opus 19. Beautiful, sad, but with a driving rhythm that makes this also a good one for battles, both internal and actual.

Keep your NaNoMoJo going, and write on!

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