Sunday, March 29, 2009

In the Beginning...

Herein lies the history of the Magic City Writers and the purpose of this site.

In March of 2008 I attended the OmegaCon Science Fiction and Fantasy convention in Birmingham, Alabama -- the Magic City. OmegaCon was not very good overall, but it had numerous literary panels that, as an aspiring author, I found quite enlightening and inspiring. One in particular was on forming a writer's group. After the convention I formed a group as quickly as possible.

Without naming names, I was able to find a small number of like minded writer's and we began critiquing each other's works on a regular basis. We later advertised for new members under the name Magic City Writers.

In March of 2009, Birmingham was host to ImagiCon, a smaller but much better run Science Fiction and Fantasy convention. There I attended a lecture entitled The 4 C's. The focus of this seminar was on building a sense of community around your work, and they suggested starting a blog about your work.

Which brings us to this, the first post of The Magic City Writers Blog.

At least once a week I will try to post something about writing in general and Science Fiction and Fantasy writing in particular. I shall regularly focus upon my own works in progress and attempts to become published. Occasionally I shall include excerpts from my epic, multi-volume, story, Gods Among Men, with the hope that the post will inspire comments and discussion. I also encourage other members the Magic City Writers to post as often as they can.

I honestly have no idea where this may lead, but I hope the journey will be fun for all of us.

-- R.B. Davidson