Thursday, November 11, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day Eleven

I managed to get in a quick 3000 words or so last night, just under the wire. I am still about 10 pages behind my quota, but I think that is impressive. I just put all my favorites on YouTube on play and went to town. When I have an idea and some inspiration, I can really write quickly. Not award winning - not on a first draft anyway - but I get it done. I will catch up, hopefully by the weekend if not today.

Another duo today. These songs represent interesting dichotomies. They are great songs from otherwise horrible movies. Anyone that know me knows that not only do I like science fiction, I adore super-cheezy science fiction as well. But I become a loyal follower of a great musician and his/her score. These are a couple of great examples. Even when they have a mound of cheese to write for, they create music that serves - at least for me - as great sources for inspiration.

The first is a gem called Conan the Destroyer, soundtrack written by Basil Poledouris. I love Conan the Barbarian, and the music was great there too. But the sequel was horrible. Its only saving grace was a soundtrack that swept you away in the appropriate emotion for the scene. So I use this music as a great source of inspiration for never giving up, and also for becoming the barbarian I know is somewhere inside of me. Here is the Main Title.

The second is from an unfortunate movie from actual history. Now the story of King Henry VIII is great in and of itself, loaded with greed, sex, and court intrigue. So it amazes me how the movie The Other Boleyn Girl could have been so bad, but it was. However, the music is beautiful. I listen to it and I am filled with a sense of longing, loss, and regret that the movie should have given me. The song I chose is The Execution, which I used when I wrote a scene a couple of days ago where one of the major heroes was killed. Very helpful.

Keep your NaNoMoJo going, and write on!

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