Friday, July 13, 2012

I’d Like Your Opinion

I have a very simple question: If you read the following on the back cover of a book (book blurb), would you open the book and look inside, or put it back on the shelf?  Any additional information or suggestions you care to give would be much appreciated.

Possible Book Blurb

Damon Roth, a half-mad wizard with delusions of godhood, kidnaps Princess Tara Rihtwis to prevent her destruction, advance his plot to destroy the empire called The Guild, and save all life on earth.

Artemis Arrowsmith, a mysterious former soldier with a tragic past, becomes Tara’s friend and mentor, teaching her skills needed to survive the eastern wilderness.

The traitor Maelgar Tregadie discovers Ilium, a forgotten fortress hidden within the eastern wilderness. He seeks to be hailed as Y’fel, prophet of Demiurge, by wolfen Gogs and magic-wielding Magogs so he can launch a holy war to destroy the Guild.

Tara’s faith in her goddess is tested, as is her belief that The Guild is a force for good, but she refuses to accept Damon’s prediction that it will be her, not Maelgar, who starts the war that shatters The Guild.

Thus begins Gods Among Men, an epic literary fantasy series.

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