Friday, April 6, 2012

More Music From Kathryn

Kathryn has been busy writing new music for Gods Among Men.  She has added the song Ilium and Dog Days Of Ilium.  Within the story, Ilium is a long lost capital city of the empire that Demiurge once ruled.  Ilium is built under a mountain range and was the center of a cataclysmic battle that nearly destroyed the world.  The song, Ilium is the anthem for that once great city.  Dog Days of Ilium adds in themes that highlight the return of the wolf-like Gogs and cat-like Magogs to their former home. 

As usual, links to all downloads for the first book can be found at

Direct links to the new material are below.

MP3 for the song Ilium:

Sheet music for Ilium:

MP3 for the song Dog Days Of Ilium:

Sheet music for Dog Days of Ilium:

Kathryn has worked very hard on all this music and I think she has done a terrific job.  I hope everyone enjoys these songs as much as I do.

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