Monday, May 11, 2009

When last we met...

Yesterday the group met to review chapter three, ...Warns the Ruling Circle..., of my epic Gods Among Men. They also looked over the latest version of chapter one, The Wizard's Spells..., to let me know if it still required formal editing by the group.

I had hoped, not vainly I believe, that The Wizard's Spells... would pass muster. That the group would say, "It's good enough, don't waste our time submitting it again." I was pretty certain that ...Warns the Ruling Circle... would require another major pass, but I was very hopeful for chapter one.

Alas, my hopes were dashed. The consensus was that while chapter one was much improved it still required one more editing effort by the group. But just one more. A final review to clean up the flotsam and jetsam still floating around in the text. We didn't discuss the details of what was wrong, just that it still has issues. I want to avoid infinitely editing this chapter, but I cannot ignore warnings from the group. I shall resubmit chapter one when my turn rolls around again.

Chapter three still has major problems in its first section, but surprisingly few problems in its other two sections. The first section will certainly require another significant reworking, and another editing pass, and possibly one more after that, but I think the crucial structure of that section is becoming much clearer. The problems are clear in any event, even if solutions are not. The direction I must take the chapter is known, it is the path from the start to the end that I must find.

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